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We produce a variety of cylinders for many different applications.  If you need more information about any of the cylinder types below, contact us.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Telescoping cylinders used in off-highway equipment s shown here feature major bores up to 16"; strokes to 220".  We can accommodate as many stages as space limitations demand.


Mobile & Mill Type Single & Double Acting Cylinders

Typical double-acting, mobile-type cylinder used in off-highway construction equipment.  Features include lasting, wear-resistant, chrome-plated rod.  Storkes to 25 feet; pressure to 5000 psi.  Shown are optional self-aligning bearings.

Custom-designed mill-type cylinder built for 5000 psi service. nominal 12" bore, available from 4" through 26" bore size.

Pair of heavy-duty ride struts for off-highway trucks. Nominal 12" bore; oil over nitrogen.

Press Cylinders

Press cylinder with 24" bore capable of utilizing forces in excess of one millions pounds.  Available with bore to 26".


Remanufactured Cylinders

The 96" closed-length cylinder below, remanufactured by United Hydraulics is of the type used on loaders and dozers. The unit features a 12" bore and 70" stroke. United remanufactures all types of customer cylinders to OEM specifications, and guarantees customer satisfaction.


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