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We produce a variety of hydraulic swivels and valves for many different applications.  If you need more information about any of the swivels and valves seen below, contact us.

Swivel Manifolds and Tubes

Twenty-four port tube and manifold set, tube-bored and honed.  Available in nickel or chrome plated.

Finished, assembled, and pressure tested swivel set.

Machine ductile manifold adjacent to 12 port swivel set featuring nickel-plated gray iron tube and "Durion-coated" ductile iron manifold for "complementary metal" service.

Directional Control and Auxiliary Valves

Steering valve permits flows to 20 gpm and pressures to 3000 psi.

Typical relief valves; 4000 psi maximum operating pressure; flows to 200 gpm.

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Directional control valve features flow to 40 gpm at 3000 psi.

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